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Hidden Hues - Music of the Moment

The Tunes, Bops and Anthems that kept me going through my youth.

Music of the Moment Page 2

I am a Millennial so many of the songs on this list will make perfect sense for that time, but they were certainly the songs that kept me going. Some of these tracks were the first pieces of music that I made routines to, and I remember listening to some of these on cassette tape and in my CD player (do you remember when CD players FINALLY got the anti-skip feature?? Do you remember when MP3 Players were first released??)

Here are the second set of songs from this episode, representing my middle and high-school years!

Diirty - Christina Aguilera

Jade The Champ - Ms. Jade

Love is Like Wo - Mya

1Thing - Amerie

Boom - The Roots

Get Up - Amel Larrieux

A Milli - Lil Wayne

4 Leaf Clover - Erykah Badu

Everything - Mary J. Blige

Everything is Everything - Lauryn Hill

Sing Sing Sing (With a Swing) - Louis Prima

Reel Around The Sun - Riverdance / Bill Whelan


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