A Movement Artist Who Does So Much More 

About Trevor C. Miles 

Trevor C. Miles is a powerhouse movement artist, writer, music creator and performer hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  

His work began in 2007 with the community service group and dance project CHANCE (Creating Hope and Newfound Courage Everywhere). 


In 2014, Trevor formed his own hand-selected group of youth artists: Trevor C. Dance Collective.


Over four years, he and his performing arts troupe completed five tours, enjoyed innovative festival appearances, hosted community drop-in and specialty masterclasses, presented evening-length stage performances, and even, created a documentary. 


Trevor debuted his masterful XYLO arc of works in 2018 with XYLO, as a Henze Endowment Teaching Artist Program  to critical acclaim and continued the story as a Kelly Strayhorn Theater (KST) Freshworks Artist in Residence with XYLO 2 that same year. WAI (Who am I), was his KST's newMoves 2019 presentation.   and, this piece was enhanced to become Wai. T (Who Am I, Trevor), his solo debut in New York City at the Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance. Wai. T also served as a prelude to XYLO 3, Trevor's magnum opus, presented at Ryan Arts in 2019, a cumulation of the XYLO works. 

Trevor has been a teaching artist and choreographer for over a decade across Pittsburgh, focusing his work on underrepresented youth and their narratives. As a solo artist, it is his mission to tell interesting stories through a POC queer lens. He describes his choreography as both aching and celebratory:  primordial, staccato and elegant Modern-Gothic movement and Vogue. Trevor’s work discusses identity and escapism.