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Qualitative / Quantitative Deliverables

Pittsburgh-based, I began working as an Arts Consultant and Choreographer in 2009, creating fundraisers for local schools and charities both national and international.

I immersed myself in community service and non-profit work and developed unique ways to intertwine my interest in movement with my duty to help others. 

I continue to assist arts entities and other businesses, expanding footprints, and keeping programming interesting, accessible and innovative everywhere I go. 

My love of performing arts has never left my side; for a decade, I've remained one of the most exciting choreographers in my city with a hunger and an energy that is unmatched.   

Check out some of my results. 


Arts Consultant

Moving And Shaking 

Some Stages I've Touched 

John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts - Washington D.C.

Z-Space - San Francisco 

Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance - New York City 

The Benedum Centre - Pittsburgh 

The August Wilson Center 

Kelly Strayhorn Theater 

New Hazelett Theater 

Bricolage Theater 

Ryan Arts Center | Baverso Theater  

The Space Upstairs 

Some Events I've Done 

National Performance Network - New Orleans 

Americorps National Leadership Institute - Minneapolis 

Pride Youth Theater Conference - Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh PrideFest 

Pittsburgh Racial Justice Summit 

Three Rivers Arts Festival 

Some Groups I've Performed With

Afro Yaqui Music Collective 

DANA Movement Ensemble  

STAYCEE PEARL Dance Project 

Attack Theater


Unity Performance Company 

Anthony Williams Dance Company 

#kNOwSHADE Vogue Ensemble  

Double Take

Pictured: Trevor C. Dance Collective 


Creative Director

Creating Hope and Newfound Courage Everywhere (CHANCE), est. 2007

  • Directed a team of 40 while fundraising over $10,000 for local, national and international charities

  • Managed company funds and directed co-choreographers during multiple terms

  • Partnered with local organizations, district officials and faculty to formulate full-scale performances 

  • Recipient of the 2013 NAACP Clairton Chapter Community Service award for work with CHANCE

Trevor C. Dance Collective, est. 2014


Trevor C. Dance Collective 

  • Handpicked group of dancers from across Pittsburgh; Choreographed original works for the stage and local festivals, 40+ unique stage performances

  • Served on numerous competitive grant panels, including Advancing Black Arts and Carol R. Brown Awards

  • Proud teaching artist at schools across the city, both short and long term contracts 

  • Launched the #TMSoloStage Series 

  • Completed 6 tours, managing 6-15 performers per show 

  • ​Accumulated over 1,700 hours of community service, site placement and leadership training / recruited volunteers for over 340 hours of service            

  • Identified and fostered partnerships with community organizations, promoted festivals and shows 

  • Trained volunteers for events / revamped intern manual; 15 interns

  • Manage KST’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WordPress Blog, providing original content and tracking analytics / digital footprint  

  • Constructed brand new plans for Volunteer Management, Social Media Engagement and Programming Implementation

  • Cataloged legacy documents and a logic model for theater events

Performer Extraordinaire

Pictured: Afro Yaqui Music Collective 

Trevor Miles - Afr Yaqui Music Collectiv


Let Me Help Light Your Fire 

I've done work as a Peer Mediator, I have extensive Training in Conflict Resolution, and an interest in Strength Assessments. You won't find a more devoted note taker ​and listener. 

  • Strategic Planning 

  • Business Prep / Visioning  

  • Motivational (Encouragement) 

  • Resume / Documentation Prep 

  • Package Creation 

What can we make together? 

An Unforgettable Experience



Things I Enjoy

  • Clarinet Player  

  • Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream 

  • Gemstones 

  • Charcoal and Acrylic artmaking 

  • Sketch writing and Improv Comedy Writing 

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