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creatively curious 

We seek to engage, excite, and energize our audience as we explore a variety of Human truths. It is our mission to have insightful conversations and takeaways for our listeners. We will continue to grow and understand more about the world around us, and most importantly, the roles we play. Topics will vary week to week yet create a cohesive framework as we explore how to move forward. 

Hear the Discussion Soon!

hidden hues

A raw podcast full of storytelling, excavation and honesty. I am so excited to share this project with you soon. Explicit content.


Project FA

This all-ages podcast will teach you a thing or two about life. Dive into fantasy with me. Top secret for now, but it's on the way. 


project t

We all love to get real. Let's get REAL. Just wait on this hilarious podcast. Himmin' and Hawin', Huffin' and Puffin', let's unpack some thangs (with love!)

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